City Projects

Active City Projects

  1. 73rd Place Storm Sewer Drainage Improvements

    The 73rd Place Storm Sewer Drainage Improvements project will involve the installation of 3,700 linear feet of new storm sewer from Karen Acres Creek to the intersection of 73rd Place and Aurora Avenue.

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  2. 142nd Street Widening Project

    This project would provide for the widening of 142nd Street to a four lane with left turn lanes at all street intersections from Hickman Road to the Walnut Creek Bridge.

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  3. Douglas Avenue Urbanization

    This project will construct curb and gutter, fill the rural ditches and install storm sewer to urbanize the area.

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  1. 100th and 54th Avenue Street Paving Improvements

    The 100th Street Paving Improvements project involves reconstructing the intersection of 100th Street and 54th Avenue and widening 100th Street from Plum Drive to north of Interstate 35/80 to a five-lane roadway.

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  2. Bent Creek Trail

    This project will include the construction of a 10’ wide pedestrian trail that will start from the end of the existing 10’ trail that is to the northeast of the intersection of Oakwood Drive and 151st Street (north of Meredith Drive), go through Bent Creek Park and connect to the trail at the 156th Street bridge. The project will include a bridge over Walnut Creek.

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  3. Oakwood Drive Channel Relocation

    This project will provide for the construction of a 10-foot by 10-foot reinforced box culvert for a distance of approximately 270 feet adjacent to the residences. In addition to the 270 feet of box culvert, mitigation of the channel is necessary at the upstream end and downstream end of the box culvert in order to provide a transition from open flow to the culvert and from the culvert discharge to the open channel. Additional stabilization would be required in a secondary area of the channel to stabilize the toe of the channel and to prevent horizontal migration of the channel.

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