1. Census Information

    Download census reports for the City of Urbandale.

  2. Helpful Links

    Explore helpful links to find the information you need.

  3. Licensed Peddlers

    Review a list of licensed peddlers in Urbandale.

  4. Parks & Facilities

    Check out the parks, facilities, and amenity listings, sometimes available for rent or reservation.

  5. Photo Galleries

    Browse photo galleries of events in Urbandale.

  6. Public Transportation

    Local and state leaders created the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority, or DART, out of the Des Moines Metropolitan Transit Authority, or MTA, in 2006. DART is the largest public transit agency in Iowa, serving 18 cities in and around Polk County to varying degrees.

  7. Resident Guide to Services

    This PDF provides contact information for frequently requested services and questions, which can be obtained from the City, County or State.

  8. Schools

    Residents in Urbandale are served by 6 local school districts.