Apply For

  1. Building Permits

    A building permit is required for almost all construction except for minor repairs and small, portable storage sheds. Zoning approval is required for portable sheds and other new structures even if a building permit is not required, to ensure that the construction conforms to all zoning requirements and is not in an easement. Permits also must be obtained for all plumbing, mechanical, and electrical work.

  2. Library Card

  3. Metro Home Improvement Program

    The Metro Home Improvement Program's purpose is to preserve affordable housing stock in Urbandale. The program is administered by the City of West Des Moines and includes the participation of nine other metro cities. The program has income and property restrictions to qualify for assistance.

  4. Peddlers Permit

    All peddlers and solicitors who go door-to-door in residential areas of Urbandale must first obtain a peddler's license, per City of Urbandale Code of Ordinances, 1999, section 122.03.

  5. Pet Licenses

    The cities of Clive, Urbandale, and West Des Moines are partners in an entity known as WestPet, for the purposes of animal control and pet licensing. All dogs and cats 6 months of age or older in WestPet partner communities must have a WestPet license.