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Uniquely Urbandale, it is more than the City’s logo, it is our culture.  Urbandale is a modern suburb that has not forgotten its small-town charm.   Urbandale is known for our safe streets and neighborhoods, our rich parks and recreational trails, and business opportunities and places to work.  Urbandale is a community that has something for everyone.  You are invited to browse this website to learn more about Urbandale.  For more information, please feel free to contact the City at 515-278-3900 or by email.

What's New – Urbandale News and Announcements
Nominate A Remarkable Young Person For the ACLU of Iowa Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award

Do you know of a young Iowan age 14 to 19 who has shown an exceptional passion for civil liberties? Consider nominating that person for the ACLU of Iowa’s Robert Mannheimer Youth Advocacy Award.  The deadline for entries is Monday, April 20.  A brief nomination form and more details about the award can be found at the ACLU of Iowa web site at www.aclu-ia.org. Or call Veronica Lorson Fowler at 515-243-3576 or email her at veronica.fowler@aclu-ia.org.   

The $500 cash award will be given to a young person who has demonstrated a passion for civil liberties and a record of advocacy for civil liberties, such as free speech, free expression, LGBTQ issues, immigrants' rights, racial and gender equality, bullying, religious freedom, reproductive freedom, privacy issues, or disability rights.           


Urbandale Launches First Crowdfunding Campaign

The City of Urbandale is partnering with Citizinvestor – a crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects – to empower residents to invest in their community. 

On March 3rd, Urbandale launched its first-ever crowdfunding campaign to raise $800 to install a wall track hanging system at City Hall.  This system will be used to display local art at City Hall. Residents can now donate tax-deductibly to the project, but their credit cards will not be charged unless the project reaches 100% of its funding goal before the deadline.    

While budgets in municipalities across the United States have tightened in recent years, Citizinvestor provides an alternative funding source for projects that municipalities don’t have budget for but that residents are clearly passionate about.  

Trails and Lakeview Park Use Approved for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Benefit

The City Council approved the use of various trails and the Lakeview Park for the Cruisin' for Carter 5K Race and Kids Run.  The Cruisin’ for Carter 5K Race and Kids Run would
be held on Saturday, August 8, 2015 and would start at 9:00 am. The event sponsor is Cadee Arroryo, who will donate all proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

142nd Street Widening Project Approved

The City Council approved the 142nd Street Widening - Hickman Road to the Walnut Creek Bridge Project.  This project provides for the widening of 142nd Street to a four lane with left turn lanes at all major intersections from Hickman Road to the Walnut Creek Bridge.  On February 25, 2015, the City of Urbandale received four bids for the 142nd Street Widening Project.  The low bid from Alliance Construction was in the amount of $2,099,103.75.  This bid is $214,387.75 (11.4%) more than the engineer’s estimate of $1,884,716.00 for the project.  

After reviewing the options presented by staff at the lunch and learn meeting on March 10, 2015, the City Council directed staff to bring this to the City Council meeting on March 17, 2015, with a recommendation to approve the low bid.  Also, direction was given to staff to work with the low bidder, after the award, to look into value engineering ideas with the contractor to try to reduce the cost of the project. Staff was directed to use savings from other Capital Improvement Projects to fund the extra cost.

156th Street Paving Project Approved

The City Council approved the 156th Street Paving Project - Meredith Drive to Waterford Road.  This project would provide for the reconstruction of 156th Street from Meredith Drive, north to Waterford Road as a four-lane boulevard.  On February 25, 2015, the City of Urbandale received two bids for the 156th Street Paving Project.  The low bid was from Corell Contractor, in the amount of $9,887,362.55.  This bid is $1,713,623.10 (21.0%) more than the engineer’s estimate of $8,173,739.45 for the project.

After reviewing the options presented by staff at the lunch and learn meeting on March 10, 2015, the City Council directed staff to bring this project to the City Council meeting on March 17, 2015, with a recommendation to approve the low bid. Also, direction was given to staff to work with the low bidder, after the award, to look into value engineering ideas with the contractor to try to reduce the cost of the project. Staff was directed to use saving from other Capital Improvement Projects and to delay other Capital Improvement Projects to fund the extra cost.

Bent Tree Crossing Rezoning Approved

The City Council approved the Bent Tree Crossing amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and Rezoning from "A-1" Agricultural Reserve District to "R-1S" Suburban Density Single-Family District (156th Street and Hickory Drive).  This request pertains to an 11.6-acre property that lies approximately 1800 feet north of Meredith Drive. The subject property is owned by Daniel D. Andersen and has direct access onto 156th Street. The property is currently vacant. The Comprehensive Plan amendment and rezoning have been requested in order to allow the property to be developed into single-family detached residential lots.  It is anticipated that future platting of the property will include street connections to access parcels adjacent to the north and south. Sanitary sewer service can be provided from an existing sanitary sewer line located on the east side of 156th Street and across Walnut Creek.

Bent Tree Crossing

Final Plat for The Reserve Plat 1 Approved

The City Council approved the final plat for the "The Reserve Plat 1" (142nd Street and Hickman Road).  This final plat pertains to the undeveloped eastern portion of the original “The Reserve” Planned Unit Development that was approved in 1992, and amended in 1998. The revised preliminary plat for “The Reserve” was approved by the City Council on June 24, 2014. The lots proposed in Plat 1, along with their acreages, are as follows: 1. Lot 1 (commercial lot for CVS Pharmacy), 2.25 acres; 2. Outlots W and X (future single-family lots) with 6.76 acres and 10.48 acres, respectively; 3. Outlot Y (existing single-family residence) with 2.06 acres; and, 4. Outlot Z (future commercial development) with 9.41 acres.

The site plan for the CVS Pharmacy to be constructed on Lot 1 was previously approved by the Council on May 13, 2014. Access to the plat will be from easterly extensions of Sheridan Avenue and Holcomb Avenue, through the adjacent “Allerton Park” development. Both streets are proposed to continue west through this plat to 142nd Street. Sheridan Avenue will be a right-in/right-out only access when 142nd Street is improved to a 4-lane section with center median and turn lanes (construction expected in 2015). The proposed Holcomb Avenue access will be widened to allow two inbound lanes from 142nd Street, and a left turn and a right turn lane for traffic turning onto 142nd Street. It will remain a full movement access location. Access from Hickman Road will be limited to a one full access location to the commercial parcels that aligns with 144th Street. The property is located in the Waukee School District.

The Reserve

Fire Station No. 41 Roof Project Approved

The City Council approved the roof replacement project for Fire Station No. 41.  The Fire Station No. 41 roofing project would provide for the removal of the existing modified bitumen roof down to the roof deck and replaced with a fully adhered 90 mil EPDM roof membrane. Included in the project will be the replacement of the existing gutters and downspouts on the building.  Four companies submitted bids for the project.  The low bid of Academy Roofing, Inc. in the amount of $83,600 was approved, and it is $1,400, (1.7%)
less than the architect’s estimate of $85,000 for the project.

Library Roofing Project Approved

The City Council approved the Library Roofing Project.  The Library roofing project would provide for the removal and replacement of 1,500 feet of the ridge and hip caps, fastener replacement and extensive sealant replacement. It is anticipated the work will be completed by May 8, 2015.  The low bid of Academy Roofing, Inc. in the amount of $99,500 was approved and it is $14,500. (17%) more than the architect’s estimate of $85,000 for the project. There are sufficient funds in the Building Maintenance Fund to complete this project. The cost increase is primarily attributed to current bidding environment.

Cross Creek Park Playground Equipment Approved

The City Council approved the new playground equipment for the Cross Creek Park (92nd Street and Tanglewood Drive).  The City provided specifications to vendors that the playground should be a ground based, obstacle course with interconnected climbers, net systems, and a minimum of two slides which is appropriate for children 5-12 years of age.  Some type of educational component was also suggested. Vendors then submitted proposals to develop a playground design that best fit the existing space, while maximizing the amount of play equipment at or under the predetermined project cost.   Seven vendors submitted a total of twelve (12) proposals for this project. The bid process asked that vendors submit proposals that did not exceed the cost of $46,000 for the required equipment. In addition, a cost for installation of equipment was requested to be included as part of the proposals for the project.

The bids were evaluated based on total play opportunities, site compatibility, accessibility of equipment and cost value of the submittals. In addition, letters were sent out to residents who live next to the park, inviting them to come to the Parks and Recreation office to view the designs plans submitted by the seven different vendors, and share their comments.  After evaluating the bids and proposals, staff and community input support the purchase of the playground design by AB Creative (#1) for a total cost of $42,564.

Cross Creek Park Playground

City Purchases Vehicles

The City Council approved the purchase of new vehicles for the Engineering and Public Works Department, Parks and Recreation Department and Fire/EMS Department.  The vehicles are:

The Parks and Recreation Department will purchase two 2015 Yamaha Adventure utility vehicles from Turf Cars LTD in the amount of $24,042.24 and one 2015 Bobcat 3650 4x4 utility vehicle from the Bobcat Company in the amount of $13,593.  

The Engineering and Public Works Department will purchase four dump trucks from O'Halloran International, Inc. in the amount of $612,416, and one truck chassis with aerial lift and service body from ABM Equipment & Supply, LLC in the amount of $86,104.

The Fire/EMS Department will purchase two new ambulance chassis and would refurbish the existing patient compartments from Arrow Manufacturing in the amount of $319,718.  

Urbandale Seeks IDOT All Town Sign Replacement Program Funding

The City Council approved a funding application to the IDOT's All Town Sign Replacement Program.  The Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) is currently accepting funding applications for the 2015 All Town Sign Replacement Program. Urbandale's funding application would provide for 123 warning and regulatory signs to be installed on City of Urbandale streets.  The new signs would be in compliance with the requirements of the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). According to the grant application, the IDOT would provide up to $5,000 worth of signs to eligible Cities.

City and Municipal Laborers Local #353 Sign Agreement

The City Council approved a collective bargaining agreement with Municipal Laborers Local #353.  The negotiated agreement between the City of Urbandale and the Municipal Laborers Local #353 would become effective July 1, 2015. The one year agreement would end on June 30, 2016. This unit includes 39 full time employees classified as Laborers, Equipment Operators, Solid Waste Operators, Mechanics, Sewer System Operators, Turf Specialists and Construction Coordinators.  Under this agreement, the wage scale will increase by 2.5% on July 1, 2015.  The Municipal Laborers Local #353 recently ratified the proposed agreement.

Mayor's Bike Ride - UCANLOOP Urbandale

UCAN Loop Urbandale Bike Ride

Follow Up to September 15, 2014 Crash with Serious Injury

On September 15, 2014 at 6:19pm Urbandale Police responded to a serious motor vehicle collision at 156th Street & Meadow Drive (UPD Case 14-2052).  After several months of investigation and consultation with the Dallas County Attorney’s office the Urbandale Police have charged Lucas Bilbrey, 23 years old of Panora, Iowa with:

  • 707.6A – Serious Injury by Vehicle – Class D Felony 
  • 321.445 – Seatbelt – fail to use or maintain – Simple Misdemeanor

Bilbrey has cooperated with the investigation and turned himself in to officers on March 25th, 2015. Bilbrey was released after posting bond.  Contact Sgt. Gary Lang, Public Information Officer at 515-331-6895 for more information.

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