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Uniquely Urbandale, it is more than the City’s logo, it is our culture.  Urbandale is a modern suburb that has not forgotten its small-town charm.   Urbandale is known for our safe streets and neighborhoods, our rich parks and recreational trails, and business opportunities and places to work.  Urbandale is a community that has something for everyone.  You are invited to browse this website to learn more about Urbandale.  For more information, please feel free to contact the City at (515) 278-3900 or by email.

What's New – Urbandale News and Announcements
Urbandale Public Art Committee Seeks Members

Urbandale, IA – July 28, 2014 – The City of Urbandale seeks to fill two openings on the Urbandale Public Art Committee. Committee members are appointed by the Mayor and work to establish and implement community and public art projects in Urbandale. The areas of focus within the committee include marketing and communications, logistics, and fundraising. The committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at noon at the Urbandale City Hall. Members must be Urbandale residents and be willing to serve a three-year term.

The application deadline is September 30. Interested individuals should complete the online application online at www.urbandale.org/boards-and-commissions.cfm. “The Public Art Committee is making a huge impact on the development of public art within Urbandale,” said Jan Herke, Director of Urbandale Parks and Recreation. “We are seeking two new members who will keep the momentum moving forward and share our passion for integrating public art into our community!” 

The Public Art Committee also oversees and selects the pieces for The Urbandale Art Park. The Art Park opened in spring 2013 as a permanent outdoor sculpture park with annually changing exhibits. Four exhibits are currently on display. The Art Park is located at 3600 86th Street, just south of Douglas Avenue and the Urbandale City Hall in Urbandale. For more information please contact Jan Herke, Director of Parks and Recreation at the Parks and Recreation office 515-331-6793 or jherke@urbandale.org

City of Urbandale Hosting Emerald Ash Borer Community Forum

City of Urbandale Hosting Emerald Ash Borer Community Forum

The City of Urbandale will be hosting a public forum for homeowners and concerned residents to discuss the presence of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in the Des Moines Metro area. The forum is scheduled for Thursday, September 11th starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Giovannetti Community Shelter located at 8900 Douglas Avenue in Walker Johnston Park.

Expertise will be provided by Emma Hanigan, Urban Forestry Coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Forestry Bureau. Specific concerns that will be addressed include: history and identification, treatment vs. removal, private property owner responsibilities, and what the City of Urbandale is doing to address City and Park trees. There will be an opportunity at the end for question and answer.

EAB is an invasive, non-native Asian beetle species that poses a threat to all varieties of ash trees in the Des Moines Metropolitan area and throughout most of the eastern United States. Infestation of the ash trees by EAB causes a gradual decline of the infected ash tree and leading to its eventual death.

EAB was first discovered in the United States in Michigan in 2002. The EAB is responsible for the destruction of over 50 million ash trees in the U.S. since its discovery. Eleven Iowa counties have confirmed presence of the Emerald Ash Borer. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced in February 2014, quarantine for the entire state of Iowa.


For Immediate Release
Contact: Kevin James, Asst. Director of Parks and Facilities
515-331-6799, www.UrbandaleParksAndRec.org       

City to Sell $4.355 Million in Urban Renewal Bonds

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved the sale of $4.355 million in urban renewal general obligation bonds.  The proceeds from the sale of these bonds would be used to finance the construction of public improvement projects in the Northwest Market TIF district during Fiscal Year 2014-2015. These scheduled projects include: 

  • Douglas Avenue & I-35/80 urbanization & beautification Phase 1
  • Public Works facility improvements – fueling island & salt storage 
  • Traffic Signal at Pilot Truck Stop & Douglas Parkway  
  • Northpark Drive Widening – 86th Street to 100th Street
City to Install Traffic Signal Preemption

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved the purchase and installation of a traffic signal preemption system.  The project will involve the installation of a traffic signal preemption system at the following 3 intersections, Douglas Avenue and 121st Street, 72nd Street, and 70th Street. The intersections of 86th Street and Douglas Avenue and 86th Street and the Hy-Vee entrance were bid as alternate number 1.  The project includes vehicle equipment and installation on 14 vehicles and the software to run the system. The work is anticipated to be completed by February 27, 2015.  The Council approved the base bid and alternate #1 for a total cost of $152,810.  The winning bid was awarded to Iowa Signal, Inc.  

Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and the Northwoods Planned Unit Development Master Plan Approved

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan and to the Northwoods Planned Unit Development Master Plan (8411 Plum Drive).  This approved request pertains to a vacant property located east of 86th Street and south of Interstate 35/80, and known locally as 8411 Plum Drive.  It has a total area of 1.436 acres and 188.53 feet of frontage along Plum Drive.  The amendment was requested to allow single-family attached residential town homes in lieu of office park development, and to reduce the required setback along Plum Drive from 40 feet to 30 feet, and from 50 feet to 30 feet along the east property line.  Access to the town homes would be via a private street from Plum Drive. Sidewalk will need to be constructed along Plum Drive, and at least one side of the public street.

Northwoods Photo

Burberry Pines Plat 2 Approved

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved the preliminary and final plats for Burberry Pines Plat 2 (144th Street and Douglas Parkway).  A total of 2 reconfigured building lots and 3 outlots are proposed with an area of 2.01 acres. The area of Lot 1 (Lot 9 in “Burberry Pines Plat 1”) will increase from 25,285 square feet to 27,683 square feet, and will have about 115 feet of frontage on the existing 144th Street. The Lot 2 (Lot 10 in “Burberry Pines Plat 1”) a will increase from 15,963 square feet to 16,248 square feet, and will have about 116 feet of frontage on the existing 144th Street. Outlot X is 18,127 square feet and Outlot Y is 11,724 square feet, and will be conveyed to Lots 1 and 2 respectively. Both outlots are covered by a surface water flowage easement and are not buildable because they will remain subject to flooding by a 1% chance flood on Walnut Creek, while the building lots will be filled to be entirely above the Base Flood Elevation. Outlot Z is 13,746 square feet, and will be owned and maintained by the Homeowner’s association.

Burberry Pines

City Saves $334,000 in Bond Refunding

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved the 2014 General Obligation Refunding Bond Sale.  The sale of $4.045 million was sold to refinance the City's 2004B and 2007 bonds.  The bonds were sold on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 and the winning bidder was FTN Financial Capital Markets of Memphis, TN.  The new bonds have a true interest rate of 1.35% and will save the City of Urbandale $334,269.  

Urbandale Sponsors Delta Dental Financial Assistance with the State

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, authorized the Mayor to sign the Iowa Economic Development Authority's contract with Delta Dental of Iowa.  The financial assistance contract for Delta Dental of Iowa would allow Delta Dental to receive up to $251,250 in tax incentives from the High Quality Jobs Program (HQJP).  Delta Dental of Iowa will invest in an expanded headquarters office in Urbandale. The project will create 15 new jobs over the next 3 years.

City Purchases Fall Fertilizer

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved the purchase of fall fertilizer.  The Parks and Recreation Department recently solicited bids for the fall 2014 season.  Bids were received for 59,000 pounds of general turf maintenance fertilizer to treat approximately 307 acres of ground one time.  In addition, bids were solicited for 18,000 pounds of fertilizer for athletic turf maintenance to treat approximately 45 acres of sports turf two times. Council approved the low qualified bid of Van Diest Supply, in the amount of $23,693.53 for the general turf fertilizer mixture and the low qualified bid of Zimco, in the amount of $ 5,778, for athletic turf fertilizer. 

City's Website to be Redesigned

The City Council, at its August 19th meeting, approved a contract with CivicPlus to design and re-launch the City's website (www.urbandale.org).  The City’s current website was designed and launched in 2008.  Prior to 2008 the site was initially launched in 2003. The industry norm is to redesign a website every three to five years.  Proposals were solicited from a number of website companies that have the design staff, expertise in municipal websites and content management systems that could enable the City to launch its new website.  The contract approved with CivicPlus totals $40,232 and the new site is anticipated to be completed and launched by March 1, 2015.


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